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Geir Ness

Natural Moisture Repair

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Natural Moisture Repair

This light cream helps defend your skin from the elements, restores moisture and glow and leaves skin looking and feeling youthful. Packed with plant essences and vitamins, this cream is the ultimate skin renewal. Natural ingredients include: Arctic Cloudberry, Vitamins C and E, Sunflower, Arctic Algae, Sea Whip, Barley and Cucumber Extracts

  • 1.7 oz Natural Moisture Repair
  • 90033-SS22-GN
This line of all-natural skin products are designed to bring the refreshing, vibrant and restorative qualities of Norway to your skin. Created to maintain healthy, youthful and radiant skin that is protected from the elements of your active lifestyle, Geir Ness' skin products contain natural anti-aging properties that leave skin feeling new.