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Geir Ness

Geir Face Cleanser & Shaving Gel

$ 38.00


Geir Face Cleanser & Shaving Gel

This all-in-one cleanser and shave gel gently lifts beard hair away from the skin for the closest shave possible. Low foaming ingredients like white tea and licorice will sooth and calm skin as the razor glides smoothly across your skin. Australian Tea helps prevent breakouts caused by shaving. Hydrating desert plant extracts offer a moisturizing finish to your daily shaving experience.

  • 8.0 oz Geir Face Cleanser & Shaving Gel pump bottle
  • 14003-SS22-GN
Experience the enticing essence of Norway captured just for him. Feel the cool freshness of Norwegian mountains and smell the warm, sensual scent of exotic herbs and spices.