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Geir Ness

Detoxifying Hydration Mask

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Detoxifying Hydration Mask

The ultimate protection against environmental pollutants, this mask is a powerful recovery, working quickly to replenish your skin's elasticity, glow and moisture. The mask simultaneously acts as a detoxifier and protector, preventing cell breakdown and damage to leave your skin feeling as natural as Norway's pristine beauty. Natural ingredients include: Arctic Algae, Mineral Chrono-Energizers, Garden Cress Sprout, Arctic Cloudberry and Juniper Sprout Extracts. 

  • 1.7 oz Detoxifying Hydration Mask
  • 90036-SS22-GN
This line of all-natural skin products are designed to bring the refreshing, vibrant and restorative qualities of Norway to your skin. Created to maintain healthy, youthful and radiant skin that is protected from the elements of your active lifestyle, Geir Ness' skin products contain natural anti-aging properties that leave skin feeling new.