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Amazonite 4X6 Frame: Natural Color Variations

$ 100.00


The Amazonite 4X6 Photo Frame in Natural Color Variations Presented by HENRY AT HOME:

  • Amazonite is a gemstone known for fostering calm and soothing energy
  •  These peaceful and light celadon colors will set the perfect environment for any home
  • Each piece is unique and will show all of the intricacies and beauty of this gemstone.
  • Hand Cut
  • Stands horizontally or vertically
  • Each frame is individually Gift Boxed
  • The back of each frame is finished with black painted wood
  • Dimensions:7 1/8" W x 1 1/2" D x 9" H
  • Genuine Amazonite/Glass
  • HCM020-AZS2-4X6-SS24-TC